what a crazy random happenstance (alianne) wrote,
what a crazy random happenstance

Fic: For Better Or For Worse (25 + epilogue) [COMPLETE]

Title: For Better Or For Worse

Word count: 66,395

Summary: Kurt and Blaine are the perfect match - according to their test scores. Reality looks a little bit different.

Rating: NC-17 overall

A/N: Arranged marriage AU. Dystopian. In this world, your spouse gets picked for you by the government. Kurt is a boy with big dreams and Blaine is McKinley High’s resident bad boy. This is the story of what happens when they’re suddenly thrown into each other’s lives.

Many thanks to my wonderful betas shandyall and mailroomorder! I could never have done this without you guys! You’re the best!


Read at the AO3
Tags: fanfiction: glee, fic: fbofw, pairing: kurt/blaine
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