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Fic: Ad Libitum (chapter 3)

Title: Ad Libitum
Rating: all audiences for now, but it will definitely go up later

Summary: What if Kurt and Blaine had never met in Ohio? What if Blaine, just starting his first year at NYADA, instead happens to run into him in a hallway of a performance school in New York? This is a story about how they meet, and everything that brought them there, and everything that happens from that point on.

Author's Note: Let's pretend I'm saying something witty and clever here, okay? Ugh, tired. So, here, have a chapter.

So many thanks to mixed_berryjam for the beta, you are amazing!



Saturday night, Blaine and Jonas go to karaoke. Jess comes with them, and a girl named Tracy who Jonas met in class and who's really into all things Top 40 which immediately makes Blaine like her.

The club meets at a different venue every week, and this time, for the start of the new semester, it's a place called Callbacks, which is apparently a favorite among NYADA students. Blaine isn't really surprised to find that the students' go-to hangout is a karaoke bar.

And it's a nice little bar, not too crowded, but definitely well populated. And their group is fun. It's a lot of fun, actually, and Blaine starts the evening off by singing a duet with Jess, who is slowly turning into something like his best friend. Blaine likes having a best friend on campus, especially one who's as much fun as Jess with her blue hair and almost childlike energy, her sharp wit that she usually shares with the world using the vocabulary of a construction worker. She's the kind of girl who can use the word 'fuck' three times in a sentence about what kind of soup she likes and then wipe tears from her face when they watch The Notebook together in her dorm room after class on Friday. He really likes her.

They've been at Callbacks for about an hour when a new group arrives, three people who settle at a table on the other side of the room. Kurt is one of them, and Blaine can't help the big smile that takes over his face as he spots him. Kurt smiles back and Blaine gives him a little wave that Kurt doesn't hesitate to return before he pulls up a chair next to the short girl with the long brown hair, who immediately leans over to whisper something in his ear.

He hasn't seen Kurt since they had coffee on Thursday, and he's really glad to run into him again, even if they're here with different people and probably won't even get the chance to talk or anything. It doesn't matter. He's starting to recognize faces in this big city and it feels like he's truly settling in.

“So, Tracy says RENT sucks, and I request you go up on stage with me immediately to sing 'What You Own',” Jonas says, suddenly towering over him next to his seat.

“What?” Blaine stares at Tracy across the table. “RENT does not suck!”

“I just don't like it,” she says defensively, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

Jonas grabs Blaine's arm to drag him out of his seat. “Don't even argue with her, come on, we'll show her!”

“You won't convince me,” Tracy calls after them, and Jonas flips her off as Blaine smiles apologetically back at her.

He follows Jonas up onto the stage, trying not to trip over his feet as his friend hurries along in front of him. “I'll sing Roger and you can be Mark,” he's informed in a voice that allows no argument.

“Fine,” Blaine agrees, because he likes both parts and doesn't really have a preference. They are both great parts. He loves the song. He loves the chance to sing it in front of an audience. Besides, he's sung it in the shower like a million times. He's got this.

Tracy looks reluctantly impressed when they return to the table, but just huffs when Jonas expectantly raises an eyebrow at her.

“Okay, so you two can really sing. That doesn't change my opinion of the musical itself.”

“I don't understand you, have you ever even seen it? How can you -”

Blaine tunes them out as Jonas drops into the empty chair next to hers, turns back to the rest of the table instead. He's not interested in their argument or in actually convincing Tracy to like anything she's just not into. He has had to deal with lots of (however good-natured) jokes about his strange addiction to 70s music often enough, so he sympathizes with her. Music is personal.

He wants to sing a song by himself later, but he's already been on stage twice now, and he came here for the conversation and the potential friendships as much as for the singing.

It's about twenty minutes later when he's pulled out of a heated discussion with Jess by a new voice from the direction of the stage, and he forgets what he wanted to say about whether Idina Menzel or Kerry Ellis is the better Elphaba. After the dozen or so great but not spectacular tenors and sopranos that have been up on that stage over the past hour, he suddenly finds himself really listening for the first time in a while. He knows the song, it's from a musical too, but it takes him a second to place it – he's just never heard it quite like this before.

He stops talking mid-sentence, lifts his head to look up at the the stage and sees – Kurt.

And anything he had wanted to say next about how Idina may have originated the role but Kerry brought an emotional depth to it that he thinks is unrivaled up to today just drops from his mind. Because Kurt is … spectacular.

Blaine loves music. Blaine listens to a lot of music. And what he loves most is, when every once in a while you happen to come across that one song, that one voice that somehow just makes everything stop for a while, draws you in so you have to play it on repeat the entire way home and all night because it brings tears to your eyes with just how good it is. He loves it when that happens. Listening to Kurt right in this moment – it feels something like that. It feels almost exactly like that.

Feel the early morning madness, feel the magic in the making Kurt sings and Blaine can't look away. He hadn't known anyone could sound like that, like his voice was made for this, for making words beautiful, and he doesn't want him to ever stop singing. His voice lights up the room and Blaine has to listen. He has no choice, because Kurt shines up on that stage, comfortable and happy and every note so full of feeling, it makes Blaine shiver to his bones.

“See something you like?” Jess whispers in his ear, and somewhere in a far away corner of his mind, he realizes that he left her hanging mid-conversation. He'll have to make it up to her later. Right now, he only has enough brain capacity to smile and wave her off in an attempt to downplay this swirl of emotions that clogs up his throat. This is what music is supposed to be. This is what it means, and Kurt seems to get that, and of course Blaine is seeing something he likes. What Kurt is doing on that stage? That is the reason he has always dreamed of being a performer. That is what music feels like.

He was right about it, when he thought he'd been lucky to meet Kurt. Kurt is amazing.

Kurt who smiles so brightly and takes a little bow after finishing the song, and then heads for the bar, probably to get something to drink.

Blaine's glass is still half full, but he doesn't care how suspicious it looks. He gulps down the rest of his drink in a hurry, doesn't really know what he's doing, just knows he wants to talk to Kurt right now.

“I need...” he says, waving his empty glass, feeling a little embarrassed at Jess' knowing grin. “I'll be right back.”

“Of course,” she says, winking at him, and he doesn't stop to roll his eyes at her. It's not like that, he wants to say, it's not like that at all, I just need to tell him he was great, he has to know, I can't let him think I didn't think he was simply amazing, he deserves to know this, it's common courtesy. Instead, he gets up, hurries over to the bar where Kurt is still waiting his turn.


Kurt turns, smiling when he sees Blaine. “Blaine. Hello.”

“You were great up there,” Blaine blurts out, getting right to the point. This is not the time for subtlety, because Kurt needs to know. “Like, really great.”

Kurt's smile widens, he glances down at the floor, part embarrassed and part flattered. And he's just the boy Blaine knows now, the boy who is so easy to talk to and so caring and kind. “I … Thank you!”

Seconds of silence stretch awkwardly between them and Blaine isn't sure what to say next. For the first time, he gets the feeling that he won't be done getting to know Kurt for a long, long time. That for everything he already knows about him, there are a million more things left that he hasn't even come close to learning about Kurt. But he wants to. Shifting from one foot to the other, he tries to think of what to say next. He hasn't really thought this through. It's just … music. It does things to him. Especially when it's really great music.

“So...” he clears his throat, rubs the back of his neck. “How have you been?” He knows it's kind of lame, but it's probably as good a conversation starter as any, and he still feels a little high from Kurt's performance. He can forgive himself for being a little awkward right now.

“Oh.” Kurt shrugs. “Busy. Fine. How are you settling in?”

“Good. Great.” Blaine nods. “Yeah. It's … great. I like it here. Not here...” he gestures around the room. “Well, here too. But I mean at school. It's … great.” Wonderful. Next time he's bringing a thesaurus when he goes out. He's usually a lot more eloquent than this.

“Good. I'm glad to hear that.” Kurt smiles warmly, crosses his arms in front of his chest. “Are you here with friends?”

“Yes!” Blaine points over to his table. “No. I mean … Yes.” He winces, getting his thoughts in order before he continues. “Karaoke club.”

“There's a karaoke club at NYADA?” Kurt sounds amused.

“Apparently. And I got a friend and my roommate to go with me, so...”

“Karaoke is certainly more enjoyable when you're with a big group of people,” Kurt agrees. “Though I'm just here with my roommate and another friend. Still is fun, though.”

“Which one is your roommate?” Blaine asks, craning his neck to see the table Kurt has come from.

“The short one who's been singing Streisand all night,” Kurt says, and Blaine nods.

“She has a good voice too.”

“And she knows it.” Kurt sighs. “But yes, she does.”

There's warmth behind the fake annoyance in Kurt's voice and Blaine grins. He's made the right choice coming here tonight. “And so do you.” He knows he's already told Kurt this, but one more time can't hurt, not for a performance so stunning.

Kurt doesn't quite meet his eyes, but he looks pleased at Blaine's words, and Blaine is glad. Kurt should know how special he is. “You have a nice voice too!”

“Thanks.” Blaine gestures toward the bar. “I was getting something to drink, did you want to...”

“Yes, right.” Kurt waves him forward. “After you.”

“Oh no, you were here first,” Blaine insists.

They wait side by side, and Blaine isn't sure what to do. He knows he'll have to go back to his table and Kurt won't abandon his friends either, but he'd really like to keep talking to him a while longer. He shoots Kurt what he hopes is a confident little smile, even though he's sure it comes out a bit lopsided.

“I seriously can't believe I've been here all this time and didn't even know there was karaoke club at NYADA,” Kurt muses. “I might have guessed, though. It sounds exactly like what people at this school would be into.”

“I thought it sounded fun,” Blaine says, not sure whether he's meant to defend himself.

“Oh, I'm sure it is,” Kurt hurries to reassure him. “I'm sorry, I didn't mean … If I'd known, I probably would have joined too.”

“You could still join,” Blaine suggests, careful not to sound too excited about being in yet another group with Kurt. Kurt who's just so nice. “It's a pretty open group, I think a lot of the people only go a couple times a year -”

“I don't know.” Kurt shrugs. “I already have so much going on by now … I'll think about it, but I think I actually prefer going out to karaoke with just friends.” He smiles like he needs to apologize for something, and Blaine wants to touch his arm. Just a sudden impulse, and he's not actually sure where it's coming from. He doesn't do it.

“Well, they could become your friends,” he suggests, but he understands. Kurt doesn't need to meet new people anymore. He's all settled in here already.

Kurt nods and is about to reply when the bartender finally turns toward them, raises an inquisitive eyebrow. There's a bit of an awkward shuffle when both of them try to let the other one order first, until Blaine caves under Kurt's insistent stare and grins.

“I'll have a soda.”

The bartender nods, looks at Kurt next.

“The same for me, please.”

They wait for their drinks, silence stretching between them. Blaine really still wishes Kurt would join their group. He feels like he would fit in with them, like he'd be a great addition. But he's pretty sure it won't happen. There's something guarded and careful about Kurt, the way he holds himself in a crowd. It's so different from the boy he just saw on stage. He can't quite pinpoint what it is, but he gets the feeling that while Kurt is definitely not shy, he's not exactly comfortable around people he doesn't know either. It's like when he asked Blaine to have coffee with him after yoga, the way he'd stood up a little taller, eyes a little more distant than they'd been during their earlier conversation. Like he wasn't sure about what he was saying.

“Well, I guess I'll have to...” Kurt turns to him, glass in hand, waving a hand toward his table where his friends are sitting.

“Oh. Right.” Blaine picks up his own glass, pays, smiles at Kurt. “Yeah, same. I guess I'll see you around?”

“Yoga,” Kurt replies, grinning.

“For sure,” Blaine promises, and lets Kurt walk away first, tries not to stare at the way his legs move in those tight pants. Because that would be inappropriate. Kurt is a friend. Well. Sort of. Kurt is someone he knows and finds very likable and who might become a friend one day if they keep running into each other like this. He shakes himself out of his thoughts, apologizes to the guy he's been blocking from getting to the bar by standing here and being an idiot, and walks back to his own table.

He settles back into his seat next to Jess, and sees Jonas eye his soda with an amused look. “Scott over there -” he points at one of the upperclassmen on the other side of the table, “is actually a senior. He'll buy you a beer if you ask nicely.”

Blaine shakes his head, trying not to show his discomfort at the suggestion too obviously. “No, no – I'm good, thank you.”

“If you're sure.” Jonas just shrugs and turns back to his conversation with Tracy.

Blaine takes a sip of his soda, glad that his roommate has just dropped the subject. It's not that he never drinks or that he has some kind of aversion to alcohol. It's just … he doesn't like to think about it and he sure doesn't want to have to explain it. That one night back in Ohio at a local gay bar, 'Scandals,' great name for a place like that. And the knowledge of what a terrible lightweight he is and the bad choices he makes when drinks. He doesn't need a repeat or a reminder of that. Not ever. Especially not when he's out having actual fun with actual friends.

He shakes himself out of the memory he doesn't want to recall, shakes it off like he's done so often. It's in the past. It was stupid.

He really doesn't want to think about it.

“So, who's the hot guy?” Jess asks, and Blaine needs a second to catch on.

“Oh. He's … I ran into him a few times, he's in my yoga group. He's … he's really nice.”

“And really hot.”

“I hardly know him.”

“Hotness is not a character trait,” Jess says, rolling her eyes.

And Blaine thinks that's only half the truth, because yes, from what he's learned, a person's character can either make them hotter or completely unattractive. And Kurt is the nicest person he's met in a long time, and the best-looking too, which means Jess really has no idea at all

He doesn't say any of that. What he says is, “It's not like that, okay? We're – we're sort of friends. I think.” He hopes. He's pretty certain that they are. Will be. Soon-ish. Hopefully.

“Okaaaaay,” Jess drawls, sounding entirely unconvinced. “Do you always blush that fucking much when you're talking to people you're sort of friends with? Because you haven't done that around Damian and me, does that mean you secretly despise us?”

“Of course I do,” Blaine answers, playfully punching her shoulder, laughing when she shoves back.

“I knew it.”

“We can still hang out,” Blaine promises. “I'll pretend to like you, I promise!”

“Fuck off, hobbit.”


“You seem to have a fan.”

Kurt turns toward Rachel in his seat, shooting her a questioning, slightly impatient look. “What?”

“The short guy I saw you talking to at the bar?”

“What about him?”

“Kurt, I've been singing here since my first week in New York, but rarely has someone walked up to me after a performance to congratulate me personally. I'm just proud of you!”

He snorts, because, seriously. Rachel. “No! Oh my god. No no no. That's just Blaine.”

“Oh, I see.” Rachel shifts in her chair so she's almost facing him, the curiosity on her face so obvious that Kurt has to resist the urge to just walk off and leave her to mind her own business. “And how do we know this Blaine?”

Kurt takes a deep breath, staying calm, even if he has a fleeting thought of just making up a wild story about a long-lost half-brother just to give Rachel something to freak out about. He doesn't. “He's a freshman. We've run into each other a few times, he asked me for directions once, and he's in yoga with me. And that is all, that's the whole story.”

“He's cute.”

“He's … Will you stop that?” He's not yet getting annoyed, but it's not far off.

“I'm not even doing anything.”

“You are, and you know it!”

“I wasn't – I just thought...”

Kurt shakes his head emphatically, getting a little angry now. “Why does everyone think – I don't even know him!”

“Sounds like you're getting to know him, though.”

It's … true. Sort of. They seem to keep crossing paths rather frequently, considering the fact that they don't really have any classes together. Besides yoga, which is extracurricular. “What am I supposed to do, just walk past him when we meet in the hallway? He's nice. He's new here. I'm just being nice in return.”

Rachel throws up her hands in surrender. “No need to get so defensive. I just thought -”

“I'm sorry.” Kurt slumps back in his chair, giving her a small smile as a peace offering. “It's just that Michael's been on my case all week about setting me up with some guy he knows, he sent me fifteen texts yesterday asking why I hadn't shown up to Celia's party, and I'm just...”

“Aw, I'm sorry, Kurt, I didn't know. I didn't mean to … Well, it's not like you couldn't use an excuse to get back out there -”

“I'm not talking to you anymore,” he decides, and takes a long sip of his drink, hopes that Santana will be back soon from the bathroom or wherever she has disappeared to.

Seriously. It's not that he doesn't appreciate his friends' concern, it's just that it gets kind of old after a while. It's flattering that they think there's someone out there who might want to be with him. It's far less flattering that they think he needs help finding that guy. He definitely doesn't. Besides. He's not ready yet anyway. Soon, probably. But after last year, he just wants some time to breathe right now.


“I'm just saying, you should totally give him a chance! He's really cute, and he's well-read and he's -”

“What's his name?” Kurt cuts him off, and Michel pauses, fork hovering over his salad with a little piece of tomato pierced onto it.

“Uh … Aaron – Ethan! No, Aaron. That's his name. Why?”

“I see you've really done your research on him.” Kurt sighs, looking for an excuse to cut his lunch break short. Michael seems to have made it his mission this year to set him up, and it kind of makes him want to move to another state occasionally. At least he has stopped handing out Kurt's phone number to guys he thought Kurt might like.

“I'm not the one who wants to go out with him!”

“Neither am I,” Kurt reminds him.

“Well, I think you should!”

“Well, I think it's none of your business.”

“I just want you to be happy!”

“Then let me eat and stop trying to talk me into blind-dating a guy whose name you can't even remember.”

Michael rolls his eyes. “How are you ever going to find someone if you won't even try! I'm telling you, Evan … Eth- he's a good guy!”

Kurt puts his glass down, breathes deeply through his nose to calm down, fixes Michael with a patient glance. “I'm sure he is. Listen.” He shrugs his shoulders a little. “I know you mean well. I know you care. But it's making me really uncomfortable and I need you to stop, okay?”

“Okay,” Michael agrees sulkily.

“Maybe if he's so great, you should date him,” Kurt suggests, only half-joking. Michael deserves to have someone too. And maybe he'd stop trying to matchmake if he was otherwise occupied. That wouldn't be so bad. That wouldn't be so bad at all, the more he thinks about it, that might actually solve quite a number of things, the matchmaking, the late night phone calls trying to get everyone who's awake enough to answer to go for emergency ice cream at 3am.

“Not my type,” Michael explains.

“Hey,” a voice behind Kurt says, and he turns his head to find Blaine standing there, a tray in his hands and the blue-haired girl Kurt saw at karaoke next to him.

“Blaine. Hi,” Kurt greets.

“Have a nice lunch,” Blaine says, smiles brightly.

“Thank you, you too,” Kurt answers, smiling back as Blaine walks off with the girl.

“What about him?” Michael at least has the decency to wait until Blaine is out of earshot.

“What about him?” Kurt asks.

“He's cute.”

“Oh no.”

“Uh, yes? He is!”

“No, I mean, stop it. We've literally just been over this.”

Michael pouts, shakes his head sadly, then perks up quickly. “If you don't want to make a move on him, do you mind if I do?”

Kurt sighs. “I'd rather you didn't. He's a freshman. And he's actually really sweet. He doesn't need any of your drama.”

“Whatever.” Michael just shrugs, continues eating as if they'd been talking about buying a sweater and Kurt had told him the color was unflattering for his skin tone. “I'm still hoping for a chance with Mister History Student anyway.”

“You really don't have a thing for names, do you?” Kurt hides his laugh around a bite of pasta.

“I have other qualities,” Michael says, grinning.


He's waiting for Rachel outside the small auditorium so that they can keep each other company on the train ride home. Rachel, of course, is running late. Some kind of emergency, he suspects, she's been having a lot of them this week. A sore throat, her teachers being completely unfair, a student a year above her and with slightly more experience auditioning for the same part she'd been hoping to land. Whatever it is today, he's sure he'll hear all about it on the way home and quite possibly over dinner too.

He spots Blaine sitting by himself on one of the benches in the hallway, scrolling through his phone, headphones in and head bobbing to some kind of music only he can hear. For a minute he debates going over – he doesn't want to disturb Blaine – but they've been running into each other almost every day over the past two weeks and it seems rude to ignore him. Besides, he can at least sit down while he waits for Rachel.


Blaine looks up, slightly startled, as Kurt's shadow falls on him. His face lights up with recognition and delight a second later.


Kurt slides his bag off his shoulder, lowers himself onto the bench next to Blaine. “Do you have another class tonight?”

“Oh, no!” Blaine shakes his head, pulling on the cords of his earphones so they fall into his lap. “Just waiting for Jess, we're having Parks and Rec Night in her room.”

“I'm waiting for Rachel.” Kurt smiles. “I hope she doesn't take much longer, I really want to get home. I'm hungry.”

“Long day?” Blaine asks, sympathy in his voice.

“God, yes. But this is my only really insane day all week, thank god. The rest of it is usually pretty manageable.”

“Good.” Blaine smiles back. “I still think most days here are, like, completely insane, but it's only my third week, so...”

“You'll get used to it soon enough,” Kurt promises.

“At least it's fun,” Blaine muses. “Well, except for dance, but -”

“You don't like to dance?” Kurt asks.

Blaine shakes his head vigorously. “Oh, no, I love to dance. I'm just … I'm not really a good dancer, is all. But, well. I'm here to learn, right?”

Kurt nods encouragingly, even if he has a hard time believing that Blaine is a bad dancer with the light way he walks and this graceful if a little overeager energy he has about him. “It's not really my strength either,” he says. “At least Ms July let it slide for the most part, for a while I thought I'd become her preferred victim.”

“Oh. So. She does that to every class?” Blaine says. “Because …” He trails off, seemingly lost in thought.

“Unfortunately,” Kurt confirms. “She's -” he thinks of a nicer way to phrase this, but can't really think of one. “She's kind of a bitch.”

Blaine almost looks relieved at Kurt's words. “Oh, and I thought it was just me.”

“What do you mean?”

Blaine shrugs. “She's just been – saying stuff to me, and it doesn't really – it's …”

Kurt feels his heart clench with sympathy for Blaine as he understands what he's saying. “She's chosen you to pick on?”

Blaine looks embarrassed but nods. “Kind of, yeah.”

“That bi- ...I mean, I'm so sorry!”

“It's not that bad.”

“No, she shouldn't be …” He takes a breath, calming himself. “She's supposed to teach us, not tear us down!” He suppresses the urge to rub Blaine's shoulder to comfort him. “If it helps, she did the same to Rachel, and Rachel has been taking dance lessons since she was three months old. It doesn't mean you're a bad dancer, honestly, it says more about her personality than it does about your dancing!”

Blaine lets out a short bitter laugh, then seems to pull himself together and grins through it. “Well, I'll just have to get better.”

Kurt thinks about it for minute. He hates that Blaine seems so down about this, but he understands. He remembers having to cheer up Rachel continuously after Ms July had done her best to make her feel bad about herself. “You will get better!”

“I hope so! I actually really do like dancing! It's just … Oh, whatever, I didn't mean to go on about this, I'm sorry! How have you been?”

Kurt laughs at that, because it's so typically Blaine to feel bad about feeling bad. And to ask him about himself when they've just talked the afternoon before, if only for a few minutes between classes. “I'm okay, I'm -” He remembers how he'd felt when his acting teacher during the first semester had accused him of slacking off even when he'd been working so hard. How he had started rehearsing at home, getting Rachel to join him and provide him with harsh feedback that came from a true place of caring and how the comfortable, non-judgmental atmosphere had helped him to let go of some of the insecurities that held him back in class. “I have an idea,” he says.

Blaine looks at him questioningly, waiting for Kurt to go on.

“How about … What if you found an older student who's already taken the class to help you out? T's really worked for me, I don't know if you... You could work on your dance steps in a more comfortable environment?”

Blaine looks skeptical. “I don't know … I haven't met that many older students yet. In karaoke, and a few people in the dorms but, I don't know if I should ask any of them, they're probably busy with their own stuff -”

“I could do it,” Kurt volunteers before he has had the time to properly think about it, once again surprising himself with the things he does and says around Blaine. “If you … want. I mean.”

Blaine's face lights up, and he looks so grateful, Kurt can't regret the offer. “That would be – But I wouldn't want to – You are so busy yourself...”

“No, I'd love to help out. Trust me, I know what it's like.”

“I...” Blaine seems at a loss for words momentarily, but recovers quickly. “That's … thank you! Only if you're sure, though!”

“Okay, then.” Kurt offers his hand and they exchange an exaggerated, silly handshake. “It's a deal. I have to warn you, though, I'm no expert myself. I promise I'll do my best, though.”

“Kurt -” Blaine looks at him, and there's a warmth in his eyes that makes Kurt's skin tingle under his gaze. “You don’t have to - I mean it, thank you. I really appreciate it.”

“When do you want to meet up?” Kurt asks, slightly uncomfortable about the way Blaine doesn't look away.

“Whenever it's good for you? I don't … I'll make time.”

“Saturday morning?” Kurt suggests. “No classes on Saturday, and a decent chance of finding an unoccupied studio when everyone else is sleeping in. Unless -” he stops, remembering that not everyone keeps a compulsively organized schedule the way he does. “Unless you actually sleep in on Saturdays, in which case -”

“No, that's fine,” Blaine assures him quickly. “If that works for you, it works for me too!”

“Great.” Kurt sees Rachel approach from the direction of the small auditorium and gets up, slinging his bag over his shoulder. “So, 9am?”

“Sounds good. Meet by the kiosk with the good coffee?”

Kurt can't help the grin from spreading across his face. “Sounds even better.” He waves at Blaine as he backs away. “I'll see you then.”

“See you, Kurt. And thanks again!”

He goes to meet Rachel, who, judging from the look on her face, has not had a good day, and prepares himself for listening to the best of his ability on the train ride home. He just hopes they have vegan ice cream left in the freezer, because if he will spend his Saturday morning dancing, he should get a head start on his homework tonight.
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