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Fic: Wake Up Happy (1/2)

Title: Wake Up Happy

Rating: for this part, PG, part two will be NC-17

Summary: It's their four-year anniversary and they're busy, but of course they still find ways of celebrating. Part of the Three Weeks of Summer 'verse.

A/N: I wanted to write fluff, and I wanted to revisit the Three Weeks of Summer 'verse. Yeah, I guess I'm not ever really gonna be done with that one. This wouldn't exist without ca_te, who helped me come up with the idea and provided some much needed cheerleading during the writing process. Enjoy! :) Part 2 should be up tomorrow.


Kurt wakes up alone on the morning of their four-year anniversary. He doesn't have to be at the theater before early afternoon today, and no shift at the store where he still works to make some extra money. But Blaine had to pick up a shift at the coffee shop before a short last-minute rehearsal this afternoon, which is why his side of the bed is currently, sadly, empty.

They have a picnic in Central Park planned for tonight, though. It might be terribly cliché, but Blaine loves these over-the-top romantic gestures, and, if he's being honest, so does Kurt. At least when he's doing them with Blaine.

Kurt is looking forward to the day they can finally quit their 'day jobs.' They're almost there already. And it feels good.

Without opening his eyes, he rolls over onto Blaine's side of the bed to bury his head in the pillow that always smells like Blaine, his cheek landing on something smooth that makes a crumpling noise against his ear.

Blinking his eyes open, he lifts his head enough to focus on the simple piece of paper, something that looks like it's been torn out of a notebook, a red heart drawn all over it and 'Kurt + Blaine' written in the center.

Warmth floods his chest as he lets out a happy sigh, snuggling back under the covers and picking up the silly little note. The light from the window shining through it, he sees the writing on the back and turns it over.

Dear Kurt,

I love you.

I'm starting with that, because it's the first thing I want to say to you every single morning.

Also, I'm sorry that we won't be spending much of our anniversary together. I'll miss you today. I'll think of you. But I do that all the time anyway.

I want you to know how happy you make me. Because you do. Every single day. And I'm so glad we picked the day we met at that lake as our anniversary. After all, we had a few dates to choose from. I guess we did it all a little backwards, but it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. I think I prefer it this way. We have always defied expectations.

That summer at the lake - it was special. And ever since then, you have made every day better just by being with me. Everything we have is special to me.

I can't wait to see you tonight, and I'm glad that neither of us has to work early tomorrow, because I plan to kiss you until the sun comes up. (And … other stuff. We can do other stuff, I just wasn't sure how romantic that sounded in a love letter. Because yes, I am writing you a love letter even though we live together. Don’t pretend you don’t love it, I know you!)

I'm sitting next to you while I write this and you're sleeping, and if you wake up and find me hovering awkwardly and watching you sleep, you'll probably think I'm creepy, so I'll stop now.

I just wanted to say I love you. I love you. I love you. So, so much, Kurt.

Yours (always),


Kurt feels like the smile is going to split his face as he hugs the letter to his chest, one hand reaching for Blaine's pillow to pull it over his face and inhale deeply. God, he loves this man.


Finally, Kurt drags himself out of bed, takes his time showering, brushing his teeth, getting dressed. It's after ten when he stumbles into the kitchen, where he finds a large slice of cheesecake sitting on a plate on the kitchen counter, as well as a single rose in a slim vase.

He's pretty certain he'll never stop smiling all day as he makes his way to the coffee maker, which is decorated with pink, heart-shaped post-its.

As he waits for the coffee to brew, he sends a quick text to Blaine.

You are so cheesy and so perfect. Thank you! <3 I love you!


Almost every day when he goes to rehearsal, if he’s not running late, he swings by the tiny coffee shop around the corner. They just make the best mocha in all of New York, even if only a handful of people know about it. Kurt isn’t going to spread the word about it. There are always people in there, so they won’t go out of business, and he doesn’t really want all of New York hanging out here every day. It’s a nice, quiet place and that’s what he and Blaine love about it. This coffee shop may actually have been one of the reasons they had chosen this apartment instead of the one with the bigger kitchen. Their coffee is just that good.

Today when he enters, Cynthia, who's one of the baristas who have been working there since they moved here, immediately waves at him and gives him her widest smile.

“Ah, there you are,” she says.

Kurt hesitates briefly, but then smiles back. Sure, he comes here a lot and often chats with the employees while they make his coffee, but Cynthia immediately sets to work, not even asking for his order. Apparently, he's getting boring and predictable now.

There are no other customers in the shop, so he leans his hip against the counter, talks and laughs with her while she works, his eyes mostly drawn to the large front windows. It's an incredibly nice and sunny day today. He's almost sorry he has to work, even if he loves the theater and is so glad to finally have a chance to perform.

“There you go,” she says eventually, pushing an extra large paper cup toward him, nodding proudly. “Extra whip cream and chocolate sprinkles.”

Kurt frowns, because that's not his usual. That's what he orders when he has a bad day or wants to reward himself. It's a little expensive for every day. Still he reaches for his wallet. Cynthia must have just been confused about his usual order.

“No, no!” Cynthia shakes her head. “Already paid for.”

He blinks at her. “What?”

She grins, winks. “Have a good day.”

He’s confused for a moment longer, but then he thinks ... “Was Blaine here this morning?”

“He's definitely one of the good ones,” she tells him earnestly. “Hold onto him.”

Kurt opens and closes his mouth a few times, at a loss for words for just a second. “I know,” he says. “I plan to.”


One of the best and worst things about small productions, Kurt decided a long time ago, is sharing a dressing room. He still dreams of the day when he'll have his own. On the other hand, it never takes him long to get to know his cast mates this way. He’s pretty familiar with this bunch by now and he likes them. They're nice.

Well, they’re usually nice, except for the moments they’re gaping and making lewd comments when it knocks on the dressing room door and a lanky flower delivery guy in very unfortunate shorts hands him a colorful mixed bouquet.

He tries to tune everyone out as he buries his nose in the flowers, cheeks flushed and happiness quickly drowning out the temporary embarrassment.

Thinking of you, the card reads.

“I don’t know whether this is sweet or some kind of foreplay for you Catholic schoolboys,” Thomas says, reading over Kurt’s shoulder.

“Oh, you’re all just jealous,” Kurt snaps, putting on an annoyed face even if he’s really feeling all warm and happy inside.

“Hell, yeah, we are,” Owen shouts. “I don’t know how you get him to do that.”

“Well, he’s kind of bendy with all the dancing we do here, probably pays off in the bedroom -”

Kurt goes back to ignoring them, arranging the flowers on his dressing table. He sends another text to Blaine when everyone has settled down again.

Thanks for the flowers and everything else! You're kind of amazing.

This time, there's a reply within a few seconds.

It's too bad I couldn't see you blush while you tried to keep your poker face around your coworkers. You know how much I love that.


He has another text from Blaine when he leaves rehearsal that night.

Running late. Can you meet me at Central Park? You know the spot.

Of course Kurt knows the spot. Blaine is a picnic enthusiast, he has dragged him to eat in the dirt surrounded by playing children and excited dogs more than once in the four years they've known each other.

Sure, I'll see you there, Kurt texts back, and is on his way.


He can see a small gathering of people right by their favorite picnic spot from quite a distance. Looks like they'll have to ignore a lot of people for their little romantic anniversary date tonight.

Kurt sighs, keeps walking. It will be okay. He can tune out anyone if he sets his mind to it. Maybe they'll all leave eventually.

Getting closer to the small group, he starts recognizing faces. Because … that's definitely Wes there. And Blaine's old roommate, Laura. And … some of Blaine's cast mates? And Rachel. What is Rachel doing here? What are all of them doing here? There must be over twenty people altogether, and now that Kurt is getting closer, he sees Blaine emerging from between them, guitar in hand, and a bright smile on his face.

He stops, breath hitching as Blaine strums a few chords, starts to sing accompanied by almost two dozen of their closest friends.

And, honestly, Blaine kind of goes all out for this, starting out with Feels Like Home, his eyes never leaving Kurt’s as he sings. It is so absolutely cheesy, but Kurt can’t feel anything other than warm and overwhelmed and so full of love for this ridiculous man who never fails to surprise him.

And then he laughs when the music changes, Blaine smiles at him brightly, sings “It felt like springtime on this February morning, in the courtyard birds were singing your praise...”

Kurt remembers Blaine singing that to him at the lake when they went back a year ago, and it had been cold and rainy and they had spent their entire vacation snuggling under a blanket in front of the fireplace. It had been perfect. It’s something he’s become familiar with over the past years - things that would usually suck don’t suddenly matter or become so much better when Blaine is by his side.

The next song is he’s only vaguely familiar with, remembers hearing it on Blaine’s iPod when he stole it a few weeks ago to have something to listen to while he ran down to the grocery store.

I wonder if you know when you kiss me like that
You ruin me for anyone else

There have been tears in his eyes since the first chords of the first song, but now he has to slap a hand to his mouth, overwhelmed with the emotion flooding his chest. His boyfriend is … ridiculous. Sweet. Perfect.

I wonder if you know that you’ve got me like that
You turn me back into myself

Do you know it’s never been better
It’s never been better
Do you know it’s never been better
Than you

After the last song ends, Blaine hands the guitar off to whoever's standing next to him, his eyes just as wet as Kurt's.

“Blaine,” Kurt whispers.

“Happy four-year anniversary,” Blaine says, sounding a little choked when his voice had been smooth and clear moments before.

“Oh god, this entire day, you shouldn't have...” Kurt can't speak for a moment. He doesn't know what he ever did to deserve someone this wonderful, but he's definitely never letting him go.

“I like doing things for you,” Blaine says. “You deserve it. And...” Their friends start to spread out, waving at them as they retreat, some with a knowing grin in their eyes. “Thanks, guys,” Blaine calls after them, and it's enough to snap Kurt back into the moment, to make him find his voice again.

“All this -” he gestures with his hand, encompassing the entire day and everything Blaine has done for him. “It kind of makes what I got you pale in comparison.”

“You didn't have to get me anything,” Blaine says.

“I wanted to,” Kurt answers, smiling. “And it's for me as much as it is for you. Which makes your gift so much better, I mean, you did all of this just for me, and I - I just...”

Blaine looks at him curiously, and Kurt decides, fuck it, he has waited long enough. He had an entire speech planned for after dinner, but he can't put this off any longer.

“All I got you,” he says, rummaging through his bag until his fingers close around the box he’s been looking for, and he drops the bag, sinks to one knee in the dirt, “is this silly little engagement ring. Because I knew before today that I wanted to keep you. And you went to all this trouble for me, and you made this entire day so perfect when we didn’t even see each other -”

“Kurt,” Blaine gasps, eyes going wide.

“...and I love you, Blaine. I love you. Please marry me, because I love you so much, I -”

“Yes,” Blaine interrupts, his smile so bright it's almost a grin. “Yes, of course, yes,” he repeats, knees hitting the grass as he drops down to pull Kurt into a hug. “Of course I will, of course it's yes, I love you, Kurt, you have no idea, I love you, I -”

Kurt pulls back enough to bring their mouths together, kissing Blaine gently at first, a tender graze of lips until Blaine angles his head to deepen it, making it hungry and passionate in seconds.

“I was going to propose too,” he pants as they finally pull apart.


“I have the ring in the picnic basket. I was going to do it after dinner.”

“Me too.” Kurt laughs. “Before you overwhelmed me with your … everything.”

“Sorry about that,” Blaine answers, chuckling.

“No, I'm sorry,” Kurt says. “For stealing your thunder, I guess. You had this all planned out...”

Kurt, oh god.” Blaine shakes his head, kisses him again, quick and wet press of their mouths together. “Don't apologize for proposing to me, it was perfect. It was … I loved it, I'm so happy -”

“I'm so happy too,” Kurt whispers, burying his face against Blaine's neck for a moment before sitting back up. “Can I have my ring now?”

Blaine lets out a loud, cheerful laugh, bumps their noses together as Kurt plays with the hair at the back of his head. “Don't you want to eat first?”

“I already gave you yours!”

“You're so impatient!”

“I'm not!”

“Okay, before dinner, but after I make out with you for a few more minutes.”

“Public make out in Central Park?”

Blaine looks around and Kurt follows his gaze. “I think pretty much everyone here already knows we just got engaged,” Blaine comments, smiling at an old couple on a bench not far away who raise their paper cups in a silent toast to them when they notice the boys looking their way.

“Fine, kiss me if you must,” Kurt concedes.

“I must,” Blaine insists.

Kurt really doesn't have a problem with that.
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